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Garbage Leachate systematically spread on North American city streets is poisoning us.

10 The last four letters to British Columbia Members of the Legislative Assembly

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Since 1995 I have been sending this information to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. When a new government is elected I send every member this information. On this page I will write the first  of four letters I sent to the new government in Victoria, British Columbia. 
August 16, 2005
Dear British Columbia Member of the Legislative Assembly;
The very  fact that I am still sending letters to all of the B.C.M.L.A.'s addressing the issue of garbage leachate being systematically spread on to the streets and lanes of Vancouver should be proof in itself that we have a serious problem that is festering and continuing to worsen (1)
Whenever I have sent a letter to political groups I make sure to send the letter to each person in that group. With every new election for the past ten years I have ensured that all Federal politicians in this country, all Provincial politicians in British Columbia and all Ministers of the Environment and Health in Canada have been informed that garbage leachate has been poisoning us by being spread all over cities. Most of the letters I have sent were to Vancouver City Council and I have also referred these letters to many different groups and individuals for their information and in some cases their action. In this way I ensured that every political person had the opportunity to attempt to stop this from happening. Once an issue is brought before you it is no longer possible for you to truthfully say you did not know this was happening.
In 1991 when I first began to politically address this release of leachate by compactor garbage trucks (2). I did not understand the overall picture. I did not know that this problem is happening all over this North American Continent. I did not know that these compactor garbage trucks have been driving around picking up garbage from large dumpsters on this continent since 1938.
In the past some M.L.A.'s  have wondered why I sent them letters as their constituents communities don't use these trucks. What has and is continuing to be done to the environment is affecting all constituents. None of us is exempt from the effects of garbage leachate when it has been consistently spread over our cities for so many years. The most recent letter sent to Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell and Council (3) further outlines some of the more serious aspects of this issue. The picture in the attachment section (4) is the photo taken on May 10,2005.
As some of the photographs and letters I need to send you take a lot of space, I will try to send this information in a number of smaller batches so it can be sent and still keep the MB's within a reasonable size.
I will send another letter outlining some of the actions taken on the part of all levels of government in addressing or attempting not to address this issue. Not solving this problem of garbage leachate being spread on to the streets of our cities has resulted in the continued release of garbage leachate on to the streets of cities in this Province of British Columbia

#1 January 2001 truck spreading garbage leachate

#1 close up

January 2001 Superior spreading leachate #2

#2 First letter to Council re garbage leachate.

July 11, 2005 letter to Vancouver Council re spill

July 11, 2005 page two

July 11, 2005 page three

May 10, 2005 garbage leachate spill

August 16, 2005
Dear Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly;
The first thing I would like to do in this letter is correct something that happened in July, 2000. I sent a letter to all of the Ministers of the Environment  and Health in Canada in an attempt to fix the problem of compactor garbage trucks systematically spreading garbage leachate all over the streets and lanes of Vancouver, B.C. I received a letter from Don Fast for Joan Sawicki, Minister of the Environment , Lands and Parks (1&2) It appeared from this letter that the politicians and staff at Vancouver City Hall were trying to stop garbage leachate from being spread all over the City of Vancouver.
On April 9, 2002 ( In answer to a letter sent to all B.C. M.L.A.'s ) I got a letter from Joyce Murray which was merely a referral back to the Don Fast letter (3) with no further action taken. If the politicians and staff at Vancouver City Hall were trying to stop garbage  leachate from being spread all over the streets and lanes of Vancouver there would have been no problem However this was not the case but it took until November 13,14 and 16, 2003 (4,5,6&7) in the attachment section of this e-mail. I had to take photographs of these attachments as some were over 5 MB's each. I apologize for the blurry condition of these letters but this could not be helped.
It is very clear from the letter written by the Vancouver Sanitation Operations Department on November 14, 2003 that the only area the Vancouver City garbage trucks were not leaking garbage leachate was around my home. They were being very careful not to spread garbage leachate all over the streets and lanes around my home but did nothing to stop this from happening elsewhere in the city. In fact they admitted to leaving their plugs open in their trucks during the rainy season (which in Vancouver can mean 75% of the year).
For some reason people seem to feel this is not a dangerous substance so for your information I have enclosed a brief statement regarding the toxicity of the garbage leachate in our municipal landfills (8&9)
It was stated in the November 14, 2003 letter from Sanitation Operations that the city of Vancouver is aquiring a new fleet of automated garbage trucks. While this will address the city compactor garbage trucks which pick up about 50% of the garbage in the city of Vancouver, this will do nothing to stop the private haulers from continuing their practice of releasing garbage leachate but I will address this in the following letter as the pictures are about 2 MB each.
How can the Vancouver staff and politicians be responsible for stopping the private haulers from releasing garbage leachate on to the streets and lanes of Vancouver when they are responsible for allowing the garbage leachate to continue to be systematically spread on to the city of Vancouver streets and lanes by their own trucks?
When the Minister of the Environment stated through the Don Fast letter how well Vancouver was doing with this issue they obviously did not know what was actually happening as was eventually outlined in the November 14, 2003 letter. When Joyce Murray Minister of the Environment referred to the Don Fast letter instead of investigqating and putting a stop to the practice of compactor garbage trucks systematically releasing garbage leachate on to the streets of Vancouver, what actually happened was the compactor garbage truck drivers were allowed to continue releasing garbage leachate on to city streets and lanes. I will show this in the next letter.

Don Fast letter page one

Don Fast letter page two

Joyce Murray letter re Leachate on City Streets

Enter content here

August 25, 2005
Dear British Columbia Member of the Legislative Assembly;
I would like to give you information in this letter that will allow you to understand how widespread the problem of the drauing of garbage leachate from compactor garbage trucks is.  They ( the garbage truck drivers ) have repeatedly spread garbage leachate for one reason or another, while picking up garbage from the large hopper bins found in cities and towns all over North America, since 1938.
It has been reported that there is an increased number of deformities in babies born to parents who live close to city dumps. It was also reported that the more toxic the dump was, the higher the number of infants born with deformities. In attachment #1  it is plain to see the garbage leachate flowing all along the route of the garbage truck. This happened January 2001. In December 2001, I took the pictures in attachments #2&3. It was the same waste removal company. It was not raining and the fluid you see in these pictures is garbage leachate. I took 39 pictures all together on December 17 and December 19, 2001. In both cases there had been a lot of difficulty with the trucks leaking so much that I waited for the trucks to come around, with a camera,  so I would be able to prove what was happening. All the while most of this was happening right outside our back gate.  The pictures in attachments #2 and 3 were all taken right outside our back gate and you can see in attachment #4  that our children's play area is right inside that gate.
Allowing this to continue happening for all of these years does not take into consideration how the repeated systematic release of this substance is affecting our communities and environment.
In attachment #5, titled,' Crackdown Digs Up Trashy Performance ' it shows how the spread of garbage leachate is a widespread problem. In this program titled ' Trashnet '  it shows how there are leaky garbage trucks in the nine northeastern United States. To be fair this issue is affecting the entire North American Continent. Everywhere these compactor garbage trucks exist they have spread leachate in this way. As we live in such a wet climate we have a more extreme situation. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. Because of our wet climate it is even more urgent that we deal with this issue and stop waste removal companies from polluting our environment and harming our health by systematically releasing garbage leachate on to the streets of our cities.


Close up of leaky garbage truck January 2001

January 2001 truck spreading garbage leachate

December 19, 2001 truck gushing garbage leachate

Garbage leachate gushes from truck Dec.19, 2001

Dec. 19, 2001 garbage leachate gushing from truck

Childrens play area inside the back lane gate

When I took the close up pictures of this leaky garbage truck on December 19, 2001  I was standing at the gate in the above picture. You can see that our children's play area is right inside of that gate. 
If you have any questions or comments  or observations please contact me at

July 29       
Letter I wroite from Carnegie Center Board of Directors to the Vancouver Mayor, Council and staff.
Sept. 6      
Letter from Vancouver City Clerk, M. Kinsela
Sept. 9       
Letter from Mayor Gordon Campbell
Sept. 17   
Inter office letter from Greta Kos, Public Health Inspector, Environmental Health to Dominic Losito, Director of Environmental Health.
Oct. 1       
Letter from Dominic Losito to Bharbara Gudmundson (from now on referred to as me or I) 
Oct. 1       
Letter from Mr. J.W. McLewan, Vancouver Sanitation Superintendent to me.
June 5        
Letter from Andrew Hazelwood, Executive Director of Health Protection and Safety Division for Paul Ramsey, Minister of Health and the minister responsible for seniors.
June 27     
Letter to Vancouver Mayor and Members of Vancouver City Council.
July 11      
Letter from Nancy Largent, Vancouver City Clerk
July 17      
Representative for Premier Harcourt writes acknowledgment of letter received July 7, 1995
July 25      
Virginia Jorgensen, B. A., R.E. H.O. Environmental Health Officer with Vancouver Health Division of the Vancouver Health Department
July 28       
Letter from Doug Roberts , Manager of Environmental Protection Branch of the City of Vancouver and the results of test done on hopper juice /garbage leachate sample.
Aug. 15         
Letter from Elizabeth Cull, Minister of the Environment, Lands and Parks.
Sept. 1          
Letter from Dave Rudberg. P. Eng. General Manager of Engineering Services with the City of Vancouver.
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and Vancouver Members of Council
Dec. 22          
Letter of Acknowledgment from the Vancouver deputy clerk
Feb. 16/98    
Letter from my British Columbia Member of the Legislative Assembly, Joy MacPhail. (answer to the 1997 letter so I put it here instead of in the 1998 section.  
Jan. 18           
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and the Vancouver City Council   
Jan. 21          
Distribution list with letters to S.P.E.C., Sierra Club, C.B.C., Greenpeace, Goldhawk, Vancouver Police Departments Commercial Vehicle Unit,  my Canadian Member of Parliament Libby Davies, my M.L.A. Joy MacPhail, G.V.R.D., Provincial Ministers of the Environment and Health and the Canadian Federal Minister of Health Allan Rock and the Federal Minister of the Environment.
Feb. 2             
Letter from Doug Roberts, Manager of the Environmental Protection Branch of Vancouver.
Feb. 11         
Letter of acknowledgment from the Vancouver city clerk,
Feb. 16 
Letter  from Andrew Hazelwood, Director Public and Preventive Health Division for Provincial Minister of Health and Minister Responsible for Seniors Penny Priddy.
Feb. 25  
Letter from my Member of Parliament Libby Davies to Federal Minister of Health Allan Rock.
Feb. 25
Letter from Vancouver city clerk to M.L.A. for Vancouver Hastings , Joy MacPhail, with referral to Brian Davies Assistant City Engineer, solid waste and information services.
Mar. 18
Letter from R.H. Roberts, Executive Director Regional Operations for Cathy McGregor, Minister of Environment, Lands and Parks.
May 5
Letter from Doug Roberts, Manager of Environmental Protection Branch of Vancouver
May 14
Letter I sent to Dave Rudberg
May 18
Note to Dave Rudberg
May 31
Letter to Dale Goldhawk
June 16
Letter from Dale Goldhawk's office
Dec. 24
Letter to Dr. David Suzuki
Dec. 26
Letter to the Federal Minister of Health Allan Rock
Jan. 19
Letter from Dr. David Suzuki
Jan. 25
Application to make presentation to the Environment and Planning Standing Committee of the Vancouver City Council re hopper juice/garbage leachate
Feb. 3
Faxed a note to Dr. David Suzuki
Feb. 7
Letter from Judy Rogers, Vancouver City Manager 
Mar. 28
Letter from Inspector K.M. Davies of the Vancouver Police department.
April 4
Note from the Vancouver city clerk re May 4, date set for Standing Committee meeting presentation.
April 12
Administrative report from Doug Roberts, Manager of Vancouver Environmental Protection Department.
April 18
Letter from Laura Kazakoff, Vancouver city clerks office
April 20
Letter from the office of the city clerk
April 26
Letter from Laura Kazakoff
May 2
Standing Committee meeting minutes
May 17
Letter from the Federal Minister of Health, Allan Rock
May 26
Letter sent to all of the Provincial Ministers of the Environment in Canada
June 13
Note of acknowledgement from the Vancouver City Clerk
June 21
Letter from Saskatchewan Minister of the Environment and Resource Management, Buckley Belanger 
June 22
Letter from Havar C. Jonson, Alberta Minister of the Environment
June 27
Report written re June 16 th spill given to the Commercial Vehicle Unit of the Vancouver Police Department,
June 27
Letter from New Brunswick, Minister of the Environment and Local Government, Kim Jardine
June 27
Letter from Nova Scotia Acting Minister of the Environment , Michael Baker, Q.C.
July 13
Letter from Ontario Minister of the Environment, Dan Newman
July 21
Letter from Don A. Fast, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Environment and Lands  Division, for Minister of the Environment, Lands and Parks, Joan Sawicki
July 31
Letter from the Federal Minister of the Environment, David Anderson
Aug. 20
Letter to Sean Lane, Vancouver Police Department, Commercial Vehicle Unit re August 14, 2000 case.
Aug. 23
Letter to the Canadian Institute for Child Health and distribution list.
Aug. 28
Letter to the B.C. Center for Disease Control.
Note re June 16th incident
Aug. 28
Letter to Dr. David Suzuki
Aug. 28
Letter to the Vancouver Police Department, Commercial Vehicle Unit.
Sept. 19
Letter from Vancouver Councillor Tim Louis.
Sept. 24
Letter to the Federal Minister of  Fisheries, Herb Dhaliwal with distribution list on the back
Oct. 10
Letter Paul Remillard Administrator contracted services G.V.R.D.  wrote for George Puil ( George Puil is also a member of Vancouver City Council )
Oct. 20
Letter from Dale R. Budlong, Senior Officer, G.V.R.D. Air Quality Control Department.
Oct. 25
Letter from Jules Winstan, Department Assistant to the Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Herb Dhaliwal.
Oct. 26
Letter from Mary Beth Berube, Manager Outreach Programs, Ecoaction
Nov. 6
Letter from Helen Speigelman, Member of S.P.E.C.
Dec. 5
Letter to Sean Lane, Commercial Vehicle Unit, Vancouver Police Department re B.F.I. and Canadian Waste.
Dec. 6
Letter re B.F.I. and Canadian Waste and pictures
Dec. 20
Letter from the Canadian Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans with c.c. to the Canadian Federal Environment Minister David Anderson.
Dec. 29
Note for Vancouver City Hall Staff
Jan. 3
Report to Sean Lane, Commercial Vehicle Unit, Vancouver Police re B.F.I. leak
Jan. 10
Report to Sean Lane, Commercial Vehicle Unit, Vancouver Police Department regarding a Superior garbage truck leak.
Jan. 29
Letter re Canadian Waste garbage truck #1822 spill
Jan. 29
Letter to all British Columbia Members of the Legislative Assembly.
Feb. 8
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and the Vancouver City Council and staff
Feb. 12
Letter from the Vancouver City Clerk
Feb 14
Letter from British Columbia Leader of the Opposition, Gordon Campbell, ( when I first started politically addressing this issue in 1991, this was the Mayor of Vancouver.)
Feb. 20
Letter from Graeme Bowbrick, B.C. Attorney General
Feb. 22
Information re subpoena
Feb. 22
Bob Smith, Director of Public Health Protection Branch, Regional Programs Policy and Strategic Initiatives, wrote for the Provincial Minister of Health and Minister responsible for Seniors, Corky Evans.
Feb. 22
Letter from B.C.M.L.A. Evelyn Gillespie
March 13
Letter from Councillor Tim Louis
March 16
Letter of commendation from the British Columbia Premier Ujjal Dosanjh
April 27
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and the Vancouver Members of Council
May 1
Pictures and letters sent to all communities in the Fraser Valley Regional District
May 9
Surrey City Clerks acknowledgment
May 14
Letter from Gil Mervyn, Delta Municipal Clerk
May 15
Letter from the Vancouver City Clerk's Office
May 15
Note from Surrey Councillor, Jeanne Eddington
May 20
Letter from Greg S. A. Scott, P. Eng. City Engineer for the City of White Rock
May 25
Letter from Frank Quinn, Public Works and Development Services with the District of Maple Ridge.
May 31
Letter from Rob Costanzo, Contracts and Waste Manager with the City of Surrey
June 11
Letter from the Vancouver Office of the City Clerk and the Administrative Report of June 1, 2001
June 25
Article regarding Ontario's Swat Team created by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment
June 28
My presentation to Vancouver City Council's Standing Committee on Planning and Environment
June 28
Notes of Bus Rally at Vancouver City Hall re Informing people
June 29
Letter from the Vancouver Clerks Office
July 11
Songs from the bus strike rally at City Hall
Aug. 1
Letter to Marilyn, director of the B.C. Coalition of the Disabled
Aug. 2
Letter to the Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, ( U.N.F.C.C.C. ) re Kyoto Accord with c.c. to Vancouver City Council, Doug Roberts Vancouver Environmental Protection Department, Dave Rudberg General Manager Engineering Services , Carnegie Community Center Association Board of Directors, Grandview Woodlands area Council, B.C. Coalition of the Disabled, B.C. Center for Disease Control, two departments at U.B.C., and the Members of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
Aug 14
Minutes of regular Council Meeting Tuesday, August 14, 2001, City of Greenville, Texas . Page 4, Section 8, City Manager/ city council comments and reports regarding I.E.S.I. garbage trucks leaking liquids.
August 22
Letter to the Members of the United Nations, Human Rights Commission
Aug. 22
Letter to Lydia Ma, U.B.C. School O Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Manager of Continuing education and Outreach
Aug. 22
Letter to Dr. Chris Van Netten, U.B.C. Professor of Epidemiology
Aug. 30
Receipts from United Nations letter re Hopper Juice / Garbage Leachate
Oct. 1
Answer from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Harrid Gaham, Chief Support Services Branch with my original letter to them enclosed.
Nov. 11 to Dec. 1
Pictures and posters put up in the Carnegie Community Art Gallery 
Dec. 17
Superior #108, Pictures #1 to #15
Dec. 19
Superior  #108, pictures #16 to #39
Dec. 17 and 19
Notes from Pictures

Jan. 8
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and Vancouver Council with c.c. list
Jan. 14
Letter from Vancouver City Clerk, Dianne Clairmont
Jan. 18
Letter to Premier Gordon Campbell ( previously Vancouver Mayor ) and all of the B.C.M.L.A.'s
Jan. 21
Letter from Vancouver City Councillor Tim Louis 
Jan. 25
Pamphlet from L.E.A.S.
Feb. 4
Letter to Debra MacPherson, President of the B.C. Nurses Union
Feb. 11
Note and pictures sent via the internet 
Feb. 14
Letter from R. T. Coleman, British Columbia Solicitor General, with a c.c. to Joyce Murray, British Columbia Minister of Water, Land and Air.
Feb. 18
Letter from Rick Thorpe, Minister of Competition, Science and Enterprise. 
Feb. 19
Letter from George Abbott, Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services. c.c. to Joyce Murray, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, Lynn Stephans Minister of State for Women's Equality.
Feb. 19
Letter from Joy MacPhail, B.C. M.L.A. for Vancouver Hastings, c.c. to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and Vancouver City Council, Joyce Murray Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection
Feb. 19
Letter from Joy MacPhail to Joyce Murray,  c.c. to Vancouver Mayor, Vancouver Council and I
Feb. 19
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Phillip Owen and Vancouver Council from Joy MacPhail, c.c. to Joyce Murray  and I
Letter from B.C.M.L.A. for Burnaby North, Richard Lee
Feb. 22
Letter from Correspondence Group, City of Vancouver Clerks Department to B.C.M.L.A. Joy MacPhail
Mar. 4
Letter from M.L.A. for Vancouver - Burrard, Lorne Mayencourt, c.c.  B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Air  Protection, Joyce Murray
Mar. 6
Letter from British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, c.c  Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection Joyce Murray.
Mar. 11
Britannia Elementary Parent Advisory Committee (P.A.C.)  flyer, addressing hopper juice/ garbage leachate ( in #9 )
March 12
Pictures on one side with the letter to the British Columbia Members of the Legislative Assembly on the other side, sent because they refused to accept the pictures sent via the internet. c.c. to the editor of the Vancouver Province Newspaper, editor of the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, editor of the Georgia Straight Newspaper and the editor of the Vancouver Courier Newspaper.
March 25
Letter to the editor of the above newspapers
March 26
Letter from the B.C. Minister of Health Planning, Sindi Hawkins with c.c. to Colin Hansen  B.C. Minister of Health Services, Shirley Bond  Minister of Advanced Education, Gary Colins B.C. Minister of Finance, Joyce Murray Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, Doug Roberts Manager of Environmental Protection and Community Services  City of Vancouver.
April 6
Letter to Dr. Stoessl re Parkinson's
April 8
Lancer Project Internet data re hopper juice / garbage leachate.
April 9
Letter from Joyce Murray, B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection with the July 21 /2000 letter from Don Fast, Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment Land Headquarters Division, c.c. Doug Roberts, manager Environmental Protection City of Vancouver, Joy MacPhail B.C. M.L.A. for Vancouver Hastings
April 10
Letter and returned pictures from the Gallery Project, Britannia Library.
April 11
Letter to B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection Joyce Murray from Jenny Kwan, B.C M.L.A.  for Vancouver Mount Pleasant, with c.c. to Joy MacPhail and I.
April 25
Letter from Vancouver Mayor Phillip W. Owen
May 18
Letter to Dr. Van Eden 
May 18
Letter to Dr. D. Stoessl
June 5
Letter to Oprah Winfries Magazine 'O' , c.c. to Doug Roberts, Vancouver Mayor and Council, B.C. Lung Associati8on, Dr. Stoessl ( Parkinsons ), Dr. Van Eden (St. Pauls Hospital Vancouver B.C.)
July 5
Letter from Correspondence group file #3756 City Clerks Department.
July 9
Letter to Mayor Owen and Members of Vancouver Council
July 23
Letter from 'O'
August 24
Internet information re garbage leachate/hopper juice
Sept. 2
Internet information re garbage leachate/hopper juice.
Sept. 30
Letter to the Vancouver Mayor and Members of Council, Package of 'B.C. Foodsafe'  information, U.S. Environmental Protection and notes from the workshop re Industrial Cleansers.
Oct. 4
Note re Councillor's Sandy McCormick and Daniel Lee.
Oct. 4
Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien
Oct. 4
Letter to Canadian Member of Parliament Hedy Fry.
Oct. 7
Letter to West Coast Environmental Law
Oct. 7
Letter from Steven R. Bourne, Senior Special Assistant to M.P. Hedy Fry.
Oct. 7
Phone message from Councillor George Puil
Oct. 9
Letter to Joy MacPhail
Oct. 10
Agenda from the Environment and Planning Committee see #1, added note here re what else happened at this meeting.
Oct. 10
Poster with note written by Dr. Fred Bass, Member of Vancouver Council.
Oct. 11
Note from Libby Davies, Canadian Member of Parliament for Vancouver East with a Community Bulletin attached. 
Oct. 18
Spill all over our community, I went right to the Environmental Protection to make this report.
Oct. 21
Notes from conversation with Councillor Tim Louis
Oct. 28
I contacted the B.C. Ombudsman's Office
Oct. 31
Letter from K. Mayer, Executive Correspondence Officer for Prime Minister Chretien
Nov. 18
Letter from David Anderson,  Federal Minister of the Environment with c.c. to Hedy Fry, B.C. M. P.
Dec. 3
Letter to Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell and the Members of the Vancouver City Council

Jan. 7
Letter from Jo-Anne Kern, B.C. Ombudsman Officer
Jan. 8
Letter from Vancouver Councillor Ellen Woodsworth
Jan. 15
Notes from Canadian Department of Justice schedule 6, Assessment of Waste or other Matter, Section #6 and list of Toxic substances.
Jan 17
Letter to Jo-Anne Kern, B.C. Ombudsman Officer, file :02-40743.
G.V.R.D. faces lawsuit re Clark Drive sewer outfall killing fish. This is less than one mile downhill from where all of this work is being done regarding garbage leachate being spread all over the community and there are a few other related topics ie. synthetic estrogen causes cancer, outsmarting cancer, hazardous waste management.
Jan. 20
Information package regarding mold and Asthma
Jan. 22
'Medical waste found in exported N.Y.C. Trash'  article
mentioned in the' Trashnet' article which is attached.
Jan. 23
Letter to the Mavis McMullen Board of Directors.
Copy of the Realworld release form. I did not sign on for this documentary.
Feb. 21
Letter to Velolove Toxic Pollution/ hopper juice/garbage leachate affects bike riders.
Feb. 22
Letter from Steve Kisby re display of pictures on the internet
Feb. 27
Letter from Steve Kisby ( he added me to the Velolove e-mail list.) 
March 3
Letter to Vancouver City Council from the Mavis McMullen Housing Society
April 25
Letter to the new Mayor Larry Campbell asking for a meeting.
April 25
Electronic e-mail answer from Mayor Larry Campbell
May 12
'Trashnet'  article from the internet. (nine northeastern United States) 
May 12
Letter regarding Child and Youth Health Congress held at the Vancouver Convention Center
May 23
Letter from Stephen Learey, Executive Assistant to Mayor Larry Campbell denying my application for a meeting to address the garbage leachate problem.
May 29
Letter from Tom Harkin, United States Senator 
June 11
Letter from Jo-Anne Kern, B.C. Ombudsman Officer
June 17
E-mail note from Dan Lors wanting his name removed from my list because it harms his environment, with my letter to him attached.  ( this is the same letter that I sent to over 6,000 organizations and individuals worldwide.)
June 25
Package of information from the Labour Environmental Alliance Society ( L.E.A.S. )
July 3
Letter from Richmond Mayor and Councillors
July 3
Letters from Kim Ryan, Bill Johnston and Chris Phibbs of Toronto City Council.
July 3
Acknowledgment of my e-mail letter to Solutions at the David Suzuki Organization. they say they will get back to me when possible. 
July 4
E-mail note of referrals from Nancy MacDonald, Angela Tiano, Sonya Catalano, Alicia George, Cesar Palacio on Toronto City Council.
July 5 & 7
One of two letters sent out to thousands of areas and one of the answers from Barbara Everdene  of West Coast Environmental Law. 
July 8
Letter from Shai Spetgang
July 9
E-mail note from Denise?
July 11
Article ' Pennsylvania Stops Trash Trucks During Multi -State Trashnet '
July 14List of B.C. Members of the Legislative Assembly
July 14
E-mail  letter sent to Premier Gordon Campbell with Ontario Environmental SWAT Team and the 'Trashnet ' articles attached. 
July 14
E-mail system generated message from the B.C. Government messaging system stating that my  message to the Premier was rejected.
July 15
Letter sent to Premier Gordon Campbell with my address included.
July 18
Letter from Correspondence Minister Allan Rock
July 21
Letter from Christiane Morin on behalf of David Anderson
Minister of the Environment.
Sept. 11
Agenda for Standing Committee of Council on Planning and Environment. This is the meeting that they began the movement of Vancouver participation in the 2006 Habitat Plus 30 and World Urban Forum. Speaker is Dr. Peter Oberlander with my notes from the meeting.
Nov. 13
Letter with pictures to Doug Roberts re City garbage truck leaking leachate.
Nov. 14
Letter from the Vancouver Sanitation Operations Branch. (The area of Vancouver City Hall that Doug Roberts referred my Nov. 13, 2003 letter and pictures to.)
Nov. 16
Letter from me to Doug Roberts , ( regarding the spill and the letter I received from the Sanitation Operations Branch of the Engineering Services Department of the City of Vancouver. ) c.c. Vancouver Mayor and City Councillors, Dave Rudberg Vancouver Engineering Department.

THE SITE TITLES ARE      contains letters from 1995, 1997, 1999      contains letters from 2000      contains letters from 2001




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